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The Secure, Fast, Free DICOM Communication Test

When you need to diagnose a problem with image transfers, the first thing you may do is ping the destination. This will confirm TCP/IP level communication – but you still may not be able to send images to or receive images from that DICOM device. 

DICOM Ping is a fast, free program that allows you to test the communication between DICOM devices, including DICOM routers, imaging modalities, PACS or DICOM workstations. DICOM Ping is full-featured and can be used simply to test whether a server is reachable, to test advanced TLS (SSL) connections, or to discover which DICOM Transfer Syntaxes the other device will negotiate.

How to use DICOM Ping

For more information on how to use the DICOM Ping software, as well as full documentation of its advanced features, please visit our Support page.


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