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History of Technology and Reliability

Like many of its staff members, mPlexus as a company grew up in the Midwest United States. The founding members worked in radiology for various hospitals across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. And, as every radiology department knows, the need to transfer images was great. Unfortunately, the technology required was not only cost prohibitive, it was also unreliable. Even the most well-known manufacturers could not provide a medical image transfer and retrieval software that was up to meeting the needs and budgets of hospitals and imaging centers.

And so mPlexus began when a few radiologists and engineers (you can meet them in our People section!) decided to take matters into their own hands. They took everything the existing technologies were supposed to be able to do and made it work – and then, understanding the specific needs of hospitals, they added more.

In 2004, mPlexus was the first company to add SSL encryption to our products for added security and HIPAA compliance. Back then, our DICOM eXtender product wasn’t even out of production yet. We spent 2 years perfecting it and making sure it was absolutely ready for hospitals. The result is that the DICOM eXtender launched in 2006 still works perfectly today, with very few major changes having been made over the years.

In 2010, mPlexus held the first demonstration of the DICOM Relevant Prior Engine, a product designed to help hospitals retrieve images quickly from any DICOM archive. Through our expertise in both the medical and engineering fields, we aim to continue to improve the efficiency and quality of any radiology facility as much as possible with new, innovative technology.

Today, mPlexus is housed in Lafayette, Indiana. We benefit greatly from the research-oriented environment and close connections we have formed with Purdue University and Purdue-trained programmers and engineers.


123 North 8th Street, STE 3
 Lafayette, IN 47901