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mPlexus Launches Enterprise Imaging Management Software at RSNA Convention

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mPlexus Launches Enterprise Imaging Management Software at RSNA Convention

Software provides the link between a complete PACS solution and data integration.

CHICAGO, IL    December 2, 2013 - - mPlexus is set to introduce another exciting new offering that will be featured during the RSNA convention this week.  DICOM RadiX for Enterprise PACS automatically and intelligently locates, evaluates and transfers relevant patient images from any number of PACS across a robust routing network to pre-determined DICOM destinations and viewer locations.  This advanced solution will provide radiologists with access to every PACS archive contained within their network, virtually eliminating the need for patient callbacks due to rereads and freeing up technologists from searching through endless archives.

This software offering comes at a particularly critical juncture as the recent Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACS) have placed undue pressure on medical groups, hospitals and radiology groups.  Limited imaging orders coupled with declining reimbursements are placing increased financial pressure especially amongst radiology groups. 

More and more radiology groups, medical groups and hospitals are consolidating in order to survive, much less remain profitable.   The need for disparate information systems to produce a unified workflow has never been greater.  The mPlexus DICOM RadiX for Enterprise PACS solution allows numerous legacy PACS and RIS to communicate automatically and relatively inexpensively across existing networks, without the need to replace existing legacy systems.

“Radiology groups today must find ways to avoid expensive, counterproductive and ineffective models of growth moving forward,” stated Dr. Steven Jones, President of mPlexus.  “The mPlexus answer represents an elegant solution between a complete PACS offering and a managed strategy of implementing homogenized imaging information technology prior to expansion and/or consolidation.”

Features of the DICOM RadiX for Enterprise PACS Solution Include:

·         Instantaneous image transfer

·         Delivers to any DICOM device

·         Handles terabytes of data

·         Automatically identifies and transfers relevant patient images from multiple PACS

·         Eliminates the need to install new systems

To learn more about mPlexus, visit their website at or stop by their booth at RSNA.  They will be located in the XXX Building in Hall X, Booth XXXX.

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mPlexus solves problems that radiology and imaging departments face on a daily basis.  Staffed by radiologists and experts in both the medical and engineering fields, mPlexus has created the first fully automated, intelligent, reliable image transfer software in the industry

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