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Web GUI:


The login page is the default web page you will see when you type the ip address of the machine you are running the web server from followed by /mplexus/ in a web browser (See example below). To login type your Login (ID), Password, and the IP address of the Server you are attempting to login to. If the web server is running on the same server as the DICOM eXtender router you may type for the local server address.


The Reports / Logs page allows you to view all the log activity for the DICOM eXtender router.

The "Category" drop down menu allows you to view all server logs or just logs for one of the following categories:
•Audit - lists information pertaining to dates and times that images are transferred
•Security - lists information pertaining to login activity
•General - lists general errors
•Configuration - lists any changes made to the configuration of the router, such as the addition or deletion of routes
•Informational - lists general information

These log files may be viewed for the past day, week, or month by clicking on the corresponding button at the top and the numbers at the bottom of the logs refers to the current page number you are on (indicated by the number that is not bolded) and allows you to click on the desired page you wish to view.


The Current Queue page lists current activity on the router both incoming and outgoing.

The Queue fields are as follows:
•Direction - indicates if the router is receiving or sending studies.
•Sending AE - is the AE of the device sending to the router if the router is receiving or is the AE of the router if it is sending images.
•Receiving AE - is the AE of the device the router is sending to if it is sending or is the AE of the router if it is receiving images.
•Patient - is the name of the patient for which the study pertains to. If the router is receiving images this will always be "Unknown" as this information is not available to the router until after it is written to the database to decrease transmission time.
•Receive Count - displays the number of images received from a remote destination.
•Progress - displays the percentage of the study sent to a remote destination.


The View / Send webpage allows you to list all the studies currently on the DICOM eXtender router.

This listing may be organized by Patient Name and Study Date. To do so simply click on the heading you would like to sort by and (ASC) will appear to indicate the column is listing in ascending order and (DESC) for descending order. If you would like to view more or less records per page you may adjust this by 10, 20, or 30 per page and click "Apply" in the top right corner. The numbers immediately below the listing of studies refer to the total page numbers. To advance to the next page click the next highest number.

Manually Sending Studies - To manually send a study to a destination place a checkmark next to the study or studies you would like to send, select the destination next to the "Send To:" and click "Send Study." The Study will automatically be sent.

Manually Deleting Studies - To manually delete a study place a checkmark next to the study or studies you would like to delete and click the "Delete Study" button.

Timeout Settings

The web interface timeout settings can be adjusted by opening the web.config file located in the mplexus directory and adjusting the following line:

<forms name=".NUFINITYDICOMWEBCONSOLE" loginUrl="login.aspx" protection="All" timeout="10" />

The number specified for "timeout" is the number of minutes it will take before the user gets logged off.

It is also necessary to adjust the following line:

<sessionState mode="InProc" stateConnectionString="tcpip=" sqlConnectionString="data source=;Trusted_Connection=yes" cookieless="false" timeout="20" />

The "timeout" setting here must always be 5-10 minutes larger than the "timeout" specified above.

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